2017 Rules & Schedule


  • 2 games per time slot – 2 fields
  • 2×25 min halves- 50 mins running time
  • 5 poles (long sticks) allowed on the field
  • 1 Time Out per team, but not in last 2 minutes of game
  • On flag down, play college rules – play stops on out of bounds or change of possession
  • International rules the only count is the goalie in the crease
    • No over and back
  • Under 2 minutes stall rule in affect
  • If playoff format, ties will be determined using a 4 minute sudden death overtime


Standings will be determined by overall win/loss record. In the event of a tie, the tie will be settled in the following order:

  1. Head to head
  2. Highest average goal differential
  3. Least goals against
  4. Coin Toss


  1. Bickell Electric, PA
  2. Blue & Gray, VA
  3. Kelly’s Taproom, PA
  4. Northmen, NY
  5. Team 135, NJ
  6. Team Advil, PA


Games will rotate between fields so each team can play on the large and small field

Downloadable Schedule
2017 Schedule

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